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FECAVA Congress in Vienna - Immunologic Cancer Treatment found great interest

The 22nd FECAVA Eurocongress took place in the beautiful rooms of the Vienna Hofburg. Numerous scientific events took place during a very hot and sticky weather period!

PetBioCell's team presented their work in immunologic cancer treatment to a large number of interested veterinarians, mostly from Europe, but some participants also from the Americas. The colleagues found it very important that you can provide the immunologic treatment with PetBioCell's help at the home veterinarians’ office. This way, the veterinarian gets an intelligent tumor treatment into his hand: A treatment which has no biohazard for the owner, patient or practice team!

We look forward to connect and work with all of you, thank you for the wonderful experience!

The 3rd World Veterinary Cancer Congress in Foz do Iguazu is History

...but already the planning for the next - the 4 th - World Meeting starts: it will be in Spring of 2020 in Tokyo. Foz do Iguazzu meant 5 days of amiable meetings and discussions with veterinarians from around the world - especially colleagues from South America!

Dr. Thomas Grammel was informing the audience about the promising results with the immunologic treatment in splenic hemangiosarcoma in dogs. The therapy with dendritic cells showed an extended survival time compared to the established treatment methods. Very interested about the immunologic approach was the doyen of the veterinary oncology GH Heinen from Sacramento/California. He was remembering his PostDoc residency at the Vet Faculty in Giessen/Germany - and celebrated his 88th birthday during the conference in Foz do Iguassu.   

An interesting meeting took place during the meeting with Prof Jaime Modiano from the Vet College of the University of Minnesota who had presented different approaches in tumor treatment. The idea of the Shine On study in the treatment of canine hemangiosarcoma were an integral part of the discussion. In the study phases 1 and 2 were already positive results achieved. Prof Modiano starts with the application of the toxin SRCBST2 shortly after the surgical intervention in canine hemangiosarcoma. Prof Modiano and Thomas Grammel discussed the additional use of dendritic cells which should have an extra positive effect in diseased dogs.